Depending on the purosity of the Stone we recommend using a sealer once every six to twelve months. It is a simple wipe on, wipe off procedure that takes about the same amount of time as a general cleaning. We supply a full range of DIY products from Tenax.

Rock Solid Recreations is a highly trained contractor for Granite countertops, but we are not licensed electricians or plumbers. Therefore, we cannot assume any liability for making electrical or plumbing connections. We can, in most instances however, recommend reputable and licensed individuals or companies to complete these tasks for you.

Soap and water works just fine as well as mild commercial products. Do not use glass cleaners or vinegar based products.  Granite is very low maintenance.

Yes we do recomend viewing the Granite slabs at our suppliers slab yard, especially if it is a material with a lot of movement. Marble & Granite is a gift from mother nature with every slab being unique & that is why the sample we have with us might differ slightly from the actual stock on hand at the suppliers.

We recommend using Chemico Liquid Household Cleaner for everyday cleaning, available at most good supermarkets.