Granite & Quartz come in a variety of qualities, colours and prices. Like choosing a car, there is a perfect fit for every person. Let Rock Solid Recreations help you find the perfect fit.

Why Go Direct?!
  • Connecting directly with RSR as experts in the industry means that you get kick ass advise!
  • Saving time by listening to what you want and knowing what is available in the market.
  • Faster results by having direct communication to the people in the know.
  • Getting direct access to market trends from people who work with it every day.
  • Picking up on issues and giving better advise in a timely manner so that the best result can be achieved on every job.


Our Friendly staff members are ready to install your dream Kitchen, Bathroom, and entertainment area. We are masters at creating the least possible disturbance in your home. Our skilled workmen create floating Vanities, build ups, concealed joints and mitred finishes. We specialise in Kitchen Tops, Bar Tops, Vanity Tops, Staircases, Wall Cladding, Pool and Bath surrounds and more.


Our Commercial Installations are carefully managed and installed, we pride ourselves in producing the best workmanship and finish for your business. Whether it is a Cafe, Reception, Boardroom, bathroom or any other. We are Masters in site planning and timing to ensure the Project runs smooth and on time.


From Joints, Cracks, Stains and even Resealing your existing tops we will help bring new life into your existing Stone Tops. We will gladly assist to the best of our ability. We specialise in Granite, Marble and Quartz Surfaces

When installing Granite, Quarts or Marble in your home or business be sure to hire professionals. Failing to properly install these materials can create an extremely expensive mistake to fix.